Meeting Notes - 15 July 2014

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Meeting Notes - 15 July 2014

Post by bdahm on Mon Jul 21, 2014 5:16 pm

As I’m a little pressed for time this week, this is going to be short and sweet.

Slow Service, Really?
A restaurant began getting complaints from its customers about slow service. As there were not aware of any particular issues, management looked at video of their dinning room. They also went back and looked at video they had from 10 years back. The found that the average amount of time a customer spent in the restaurant 10 years ago was 1:05 minutes, but now it was 1:55 minutes. What accounted for the difference? The answer will surprise you.

Shocking Study
To what extent do we shy away with being alone with our thoughts? A research company designed a study to test this out. They selected 100 people to participate in the study. Each person was placed in an empty room for 30 minutes where they could only do one of two things, be alone with their thoughts or push a button and get an mild electric shock. They were allowed to test the shock beforehand.  Here are the results.

2/3 of the men and 1/3 of the women chose the electric at least one time. One guy shocked himself 190 times.  Do you suppose this says something about our need for continual stimulation? Is this the cause or the result of our constant pre-occupation with our mobile devices, constantly seeking input? It doesn’t explain the selfie, though, does it?

There you have it, that’s a wrap. See I told you.



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