Meeting Agenda - 9 September 2014

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Meeting Agenda - 9 September 2014

Post by bdahm on Sat Sep 06, 2014 4:33 pm

Ever wanted to put up your own website? Did it just seem too complicated? Didn't know where to start? Didn't know how to build it? Don't know HTML? What about hosting? Well, this week, with a little luck, we're going to build a web site from scratch using a service called Square Space. Square Space provides a bunch of templates one can customize to your delight and add functions. Best of all it's all drag and drop, just use your browser. We're going to take an hour and see what we can come up with. Maybe once you see how easy it is, you'll want to do the same thing. Think of what you'd like to see on your web site. Let's see what happens.



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