Good Speed and my new computer

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Good Speed and my new computer

Post by David McPhee on Wed Feb 19, 2014 2:52 pm

In search of a PC, and guided by Bill's advice, I went to Good Speed at Computer Plaza, where I told salesman Aun I used Creative Suite 6.0 and video editing software and needed speed and memory, but nothing fancy. Aun proposed an i7-4770, Asus H81M-C motherboard, 16 GB Ram, Galaxy video card, etc, (and a nice 27 inch AOC I2757 monitor), plus an external hard drive and other trimmings, all for about 36,000 Baht. There was some confusion when I came to pick it up base on miscommunication (my fault, since this is Thailand, and I should speak better Thai), and 
the manager Mr. Neung,  showed up.    He was amazingly helpful, speaks excellent English, loaded my software personally, and had the rig delivered to my house a few hours later.  I added Classic Shell to make Win 8 more friendly (you can't upgrade to 8.1 without a license) and this PC hums along and does whatever I want, fast. 

So, thanks a million to Bill for the advice, and to Neung and Aun at Goodspeed! 
In my doctoral program in the 1970's and we had access to computer, room size, that ran SPSS 24x7, reservation only, and we were all agog. 
My first computer, in 1981, was a Zenit, followed by a series of TRS's, then Franklins, then Apples, through the blazingly fast 286 and beyond.   Three decades later --
 an i7 and 16 MB of RAM, and more dingdongs and whistles than I can ever hope to master.  And even in Thailand, a mostly reliable Internet signal of 10-20 or so MBS.  Sheer bliss.

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