Are We About to Bid Farewell to the Windows Phone?

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Are We About to Bid Farewell to the Windows Phone?

Post by bdahm on Sat Jul 11, 2015 2:49 pm

How many ways can Microsoft fail with mobile technology? There was Windows CE — a failure. Windows Mobile — a flop. And, more recently, Windows Phone — a fiasco.
Do we begin to see a pattern here? Failure, flop, fiasco — Microsoft has earned a big F.
Let’s take a look at the mobile marketplace, shall we? According to the Digital Analytics Program, a customized version of Google Analytics that collects information from visitors to 3,800 federal websitesApple iOS is the most popular mobile operating system, with 16.8% of all visitors. It’s followed by Android, with 14.6% and then, lost somewhere down at the bottom at 2.3%, along with desktop Linux, Chromebooks and old OS/2 machines, is Windows Phone.
NetMarketShare also paints a bleak picture. With its smartphone- and tablet-only statistics, it shows Android on top with 51%, followed by iOS at 40.8%, Java ME (“What’s that?” most of you are saying) with 3.2%, and then Windows Phone with a meager 2.3%.


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