Apple Music and Siri: Quite a Combination

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Apple Music and Siri: Quite a Combination

Post by bdahm on Tue Jul 14, 2015 10:18 pm

As of June 30, everyone has a chance to try Apple Music for free for three months. When you sign up you have to choose between the individual plan or the family plan. The prices for each are listed. Select whichever one is appropriate and you will be informed that you will not be billed for three months. I don't know what happens if you sign-up in the middle of the month, if it is 90 days from that point or not. After that it would cost $9.99/month to continue the service. Even if you don't continue, you still have access to iTunes Radio and Beats One.

Be that as it may, Apple Music when used in conjunction with Siri is quite powerful and impressive. Here are some of the commands you can give.


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