Operating System Upgrades

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Operating System Upgrades

Post by bdahm on Tue Oct 13, 2015 7:24 am

Apple has recently upgraded both its mobile operating system, iOS, and it's desktop/laptop operating system, MAC OS X. There have been some minor problem with iOS 9, but Apple has responded quickly with updates. There have also been some rather serious problems with Mac OS El Capitan. Some of these have been installation problems, others have been with apps that stopped working. The app problems are typically caused by apps whose developers have not yet updated and optimized them for the new system. 

The rule of thumb with desktop operating systems, especially if your livelihood depends on them is to wait and watch for problems and updates. Lots of people don't update until the first major, as opposed to minor, update is released. The major update is often referred to as a point release, i.e. 10.1, as opposed to a minor release, which would be 10.0.x

I didn't upgrade to the last MAC OS, Yosemite, until about 9 months after it was released, because there were persistent reports of WiFi problems. You can not afford to have a laptop that has WiFi issues. 

I have been on iOS 9.0.x for a month now without any problems, but I will hold off for a while on OS X El Capitan. I don't like being on the bleeding edge as far as tech goes. 



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