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Post by bdahm on Sat Nov 14, 2015 4:20 pm

Just before my recent travel to the US I read about App in the Air. I rely on TripIt quick heavily when I'm traveling because it helps me keep my airline flights, hotel accommodations and car rentals nicely organized in one place and accessible on all my devices. It is a wonderful app that I have used for years. Then I read a review of App in the Air and decided to try it on this trip.

Though it only deals with airline reservations it won me over quickly. In fact, it accesses the airline reservations I already have in TripIt and provides me a concise readout in the form of a card, which contains all the vital information, such as flight number, date, departure time and airport, arrival time and airport and trip duration. If you drill down from the card it tells you when check-in time ends, what time boarding ends, time of take-off adjusted in real time for any delays, and landing time. It gives weather conditions in the departure and arrival cities and estimates for check-in times, security checks, and passport controls. You can update these with your own experience and those entries will be reflected in the database. There's a checklist feature that is pre-populated with the ability to add your own items. Once aboard you can rate the airline on food, staff, and service. 

One thing I found particularly useful on my long trans-Pacific flight was that even once in the air running in airplane mode, It will still tell me how many hours I had been flying and how much more time before landing. It beats having to deal with time zones and the international date line. The app itself is free. You can pay extra for alerts. I paid $4.00 for a year of alerts, not so much because I need them, but because I like the app a lot and would like to contribute to the ongoing development of the product. When I find a great app, I have an interest in seeing that it gets updated and stays around.

App in the Air is available in the iOS App Store.



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