Wireless Keyboard Battery Corrosion

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Wireless Keyboard Battery Corrosion

Post by bdahm on Tue Jan 12, 2016 11:30 am

If you are using the Apple Wireless Keyboard that has the little cylindrical battery compartment at the top left, it might be a good idea to swipe out the 2 AA batteries before they run down or at least check them periodically. 

My keyboard flashed a notification message that the batteries were low and that I should replace them very soon. When I went to remove the battery cover with a coin, I noticed some corrosion around the outer rim. A friend had told me a couple years ago that the same thing had happened to him and that he was unable to remove the cover and therefore unable to replace the batteries. The keyboard was thus useless. Shortly after that I replaced my batteries with brand name batteries (Panasonic, I think). To my horror, I was unable to remove the battery cover with a coin or even a screen driver. I was screwed! I need a keyboard for my Mac Mini and so I pulled out an old, plastic Kensington keyboard I had used before the Apple Wireless Keyboard. It was so mushy that I could hardly type on it. It became clear that I was going to have to bite the bullet and buy a new keyboard. The previous one had cost 2,300 baht. I had taped the receipt on it's underside and so I also knew I had bought it three years ago.

One other unfortunate fact is that Apple has just released a new wireless keyboard, which mimics the key design of the new MacBook. This design abandons the scissors design and is a little firmer and more direct to the touch. It also costs something like 3,800 baht (about $100). So, my neglect of the batteries was going to cost me dearly. I thought of going to Apple Store at Central Festival in the hope they might still have the old design at the old price in stock. First, however, I decided to go to the Mac Shop on Huay Kaew to see if the the guy there might have one of the old design. To my great delight, he had a used wireless keyboard in the old design, which he was willing to sell me for only 1,200 baht.

I have now decided that I will replace the batteries yearly (just after New Years) every year regardless of their condition. I did notice that my Energizer Max batteries have something called Power Seal, which says, "Protects your devices from leakage up to 2 years after fully used". I intend the replace them yearly nevertheless. A word to the wise.



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