Google Just Became Shamelessly Terrifying

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Google Just Became Shamelessly Terrifying Empty Google Just Became Shamelessly Terrifying

Post by bdahm on Wed Oct 12, 2016 9:55 pm

A little over the top, perhaps, but a fun read.

But now it’s downright undeniable: Larry, Sergey & Co. chucked the cutesy “Don’t Be Evil” motto years back – well before they created parent company Alphabet – in favor of vast and irresistible repositories of global power, data-driven influence and simply volcanic amounts of money.

It’s all led to what they just revealed themselves to be: The most blithely megalomaniacal, data-sucking company on earth, a vast and ominous succubus of (mostly personal) information, nothing more or less than the single-most potent, AI-driven conduit through which forcibly floweth all human activity, both social and domestic, public and personal.



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