A Look into Cheyenne Mountain: The Ultimate Bunker

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A Look into Cheyenne Mountain: The Ultimate Bunker

Post by bdahm on Sat May 06, 2017 11:49 am

Should worse come to worse and the nukes begin to fly, there's one place that's "safe", and that's Cheyenne Mountain. But is it safe from SkyNet?

IN THE BACKGROUND of Colorado Springs, Pike’s Peak dominates the sky. But just to that mountain’s southeast looms another geological ripple. Cheyenne Mountain—a rounded, rocky thing that rises 9,565 feet above sea level—looks wild and quiet. But deep inside the mountain, a crew of humans toils in one of the nation’s most secure military installations. Shielded by 2,500 feet of granite, these people gather and analyze data from a global surveillance system, in an attempt to (among other, undisclosed things) warn the government’s highest officials of launches and missile threats to North America.




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