How Anker is beating Apple and Samsung at their own accessory game

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How Anker is beating Apple and Samsung at their own accessory game

Post by bdahm on Tue May 23, 2017 12:19 pm

I bought my first Anker charger perhaps three years ago. I now have three of them. One is always in my backpack. It's not all about chargers, however. A year ago I bought an Anker wireless mouse. Best mouse I have ever used. When the current powerpack (not from Anker) I use on those occasions when I'm hiking or otherwise away from a source of electricity for extended periods of time gives up the ghost, it will be replaced by one from Anker. If you aren't familiar with the Anker line of products, you can check them out from the usual sources such as Amazon or here in Thailand at Lazada. 

Steven Yang quit his job at Google in the summer of 2011 to build the products he felt the world needed: a line of reasonably priced accessories that would be better than the ones you could buy from Apple and other big-name brands. These accessories — batteries, cables, chargers — would solve our most persistent gadget problem by letting us stay powered on at all times. There were just a few problems: Yang knew nothing about starting a company, building consumer electronics, or selling products.


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