Computer Repair Services from Mr. Kong

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Computer Repair Services from Mr. Kong

Post by bdahm on Wed Jan 03, 2018 5:18 pm

Muffy posted a problem she was having with the trackpad on her MacBook Air to the Line message group. She brought her laptop to the meeting and it was obvious that hardware repair was required. Stan suggested Mr. Kong, who has a shop on the third floor of Pantip Plaza. Muffy went over there after the meeting and was able to have the problem fixed the same day. I asked her to update the group on the service she received. Below is her note to me, which she posted to the Line group along with pictures she took when she went back to pick up her laptop. We didn't know at the time whether Mr. Kong repaired Apple products or not, but at least in this case he was able to help out to her satisfaction.

"Bill, Kong fixed my touchpad with no problem—except he called me about an hour after I picked it up to say he’d forgotten to put the screws back in, so I have to bring it back today. Anyway, it’s working fine. He had to take out the battery because the problem was underneath the battery."



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