Steven Soderbergh Shots Movie entirely on iPhone

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Steven Soderbergh Shots Movie entirely on iPhone

Post by bdahm on Wed Feb 07, 2018 4:01 pm

Frankly even for an Apple fanboy, I found this story a bit bizarre. But after watching the trailer and reading the accounts linked below, it doesn't seem so far out. Given when the movie was shot, it would have had to have been done on an iPhone 7 or more likely a 7 Plus. The two things that  would seem somewhat limiting in this approach would be the inability to use special lenses, though there are some add-ons available for the iphone. One has to wonder if their optical quality would be good enough, though. The other limiting factor would be lighting. We know that one of the weak points of the iPhone is its performance in low-light conditions. Still it will be interesting to see "Unsane" and see how he handles these kinds of challenges.



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