Meeting Notes - 21 January 2014

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Meeting Notes - 21 January 2014

Post by bdahm on Sat Feb 01, 2014 12:32 am

Had another capacity crowd approaching 25 last week, one newbie of which was Peter. If this keeps up we’re going to have to start taking reservations ... or charging admission. Come early.

25 Worst Passwords of 2013
It never fails to amaze how naive people are when picking passwords. Here is a list, which was probably the result of the hack of Adobe passwords in November. What’s in your password manager?

Eagle Steals Camera ... Takes Selfie
One would have thought eagles would have better eyesight. Mistaking a camera for prey is not something one would expect. Fortunately the camera was recover 100 km from where it was taken, but in the process we got some interesting shots.

Another Big Clash with the Clans
Chris once again lead us into the world of Clash of Clans. He wanted to show us what happens during an attack on an opponent. The opponent/victim is chosen completely at random. In this particular case Chris happened up a victim who had virtually no defenses and succeeded in totally wiping that person out and steal all the loot.

He still hasn’t spent any money and plays about a hour a day. The company that put out the game, which is free for the iPad, but takes advantage of in-app purchases, is hauling in nearly $2.4 M dollars/day. What’s in your wallet?

Well, that’s the good, the bad and the ugly for this week. You decide which is which. That’s a wrap.



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