I Cut Apple Out of My Life. It was Devastating - Gizmodo

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I Cut Apple Out of My Life. It was Devastating - Gizmodo

Post by bdahm on Thu Feb 07, 2019 11:31 am

When I first conceived of this experiment—cutting the tech giants out of my life one-by-one—I hadn’t thought to include Microsoft (because I use very few of their products) or Apple (because I use so many of theirs).

I have two MacBook Airs, one for personal use and one supplied by my work. I have an iPhone that I nicknamed “tech appendage.” My husband and I have a shared iPad2 that I use at the gym and that we rely on to keep our 1-year-old daughter happy on flights and long car rides.
Apple is my gateway to almost all things digital. 

I am physically touching an Apple device for the majority of any given day. Being asked to remove Apple from my life was like being asked to remove a part of my body that was incredibly useful but that I could live without, like a finger or an eyeball.


Note: Though I am reducing my mobile usage, I don't thing I could go this far.


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