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Post by bdahm on Mon Nov 10, 2014 6:59 am

I have been a Mac user for 10 years now and one of the biggest problems I had at the outset with the Finder in OS X was moving files around without being able to see the entire director structure as with Windows. Sometimes files would Move. Other times they would Copy. It was all very confusing and the chances of misplacing a file were great. That is still the case today. Fortunately several years ago I happened on a product called TotalFinder, which did a number of things that Finder didn't do, most importantly it provided a "Dual Mode" capability by which you could look at two different directory structures at the same time, say your Download files and your Documents files. In this "Dual Mode" you can easily just drag and drop the files from one directory to another. TotalFinder will give you a 2-week free trail and costs $18. For me it was $18 well spent.



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