The Cyberattack 'the world isn't ready for'

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The Cyberattack 'the world isn't ready for' Empty The Cyberattack 'the world isn't ready for'

Post by bdahm on Sun Jun 25, 2017 8:22 am

If that topic line sounds ominous, it is. All hell could break loose. The irony is that these are the tools the NSA has developed or discovered and uses itself in defending the US. There has been a lot of pressure by law enforcement in the US for companies such as Apple to provide back door access to its encryption protocols. Here we have seen that the "good guys" can't even secure their own cyber weapons so giving them access to encryption protocols would also potentially make them available to other state or criminal actors and with this all of our secure communications including e-commerce and banking transactions. And that would not be good.



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