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Post by bdahm on Mon Jun 26, 2017 9:46 am

I guess I could be considered an Apple fanboy, a title I heartily embrace. But Megan Bening is off the charts. I heard this letter, written to Tim Cook and read by the host of a podcast I listen to. The letter speaks for itself.

Greetings Mr. Cook,

I'm writing to you today to tell you a story about a very dear friend of mine whose life Apple impacted immensely. Her name is Megan Bening, and she is from Minnesota. Megan graduated Cum Laude in December of 2016 with a B.S. degree in Computer Information Technology and a minor in Psychology from Minnesota State University-Mankato. Computers and technology have always been huge passions of hers, and that infectious enthusiasm transferred to Apple products and was completely contagious. Megan introduced me to the world-transforming and life-altering device that is the iPhone in 2010, and helped me switch to the Mac a year later. She collected as many iPods and Macs as she could from various places, and has amassed quite a collection. I am enclosing photographs of her around the time of   high school graduation surrounded by the products that brought such richness and joy to her life, while also allowing her to contribute to the world. In addition to having an extreme affinity for any gadget, , Megan was always willing to embody the Apple credo and share her expertise with others. We spent many long hours enjoyably discussing the future of technology in general and apple in particular.

Megan loved Apple products for   the same reasons we all do, but she had a special reason to take pride in mastering them. Megan and I are both blind, and use VoiceOver to access our devices and use the technology your company has produced to live life to the fullest and do what we love!

Tragically, Megan passed away on January 28, 2017, at the age of 22. All who knew her are deeply affected, as Megan was the kind of person who would light up any room she occupied with an ever-optimistic spirit, and we are all coping with her loss as best we can. It is the least I can do to honor her memory by making you aware of this incredible young woman and all your products empowered her to become! Megan's ultimate professional goal was to become a white hat hacker for the FBI, or to work at Apple itself.

While Megan never physically made it out to Silicon Valley (which was definitely another bucket list item of hers) I had the distinct honor of visiting your headquarters and the Apple store there. I picked up the T-shirt displaying all the Apple products for her, as it suited Megan perfectly. Per her wishes, Megan was cremated, and her mother contacted me to let me know that the shirt had   gone in with her. In a soft but completely calm voice, she said, "Megan loved Apple and Megan loved Chelsea. I obviously couldn't put any electronics in the box, so I put in the shirt you gave her! Megan loved wearing that T-shirt; it had all the Apple products she owned and it came directly from Apple via you. I wanted to do something that would represent the bond you two shared, and I thought the shirt would be perfect!" It certainly was, and I'm still honored and touched by this gesture. While visiting an Apple store yesterday, I recounted this story to   the sales specialist and he was also touched. I intend to keep telling that story to associates at every Apple store I visit going forward, as a way to carry Megan there and keep her amazing legacy living. Megan has not left my Favorites list since I got my first iPhone 4, and she was the first person I corresponded with by text message. New product launches and Apple keynotes will never be the same. Because Megan and her pictures and spirit reached your inbox, I'm counting that as Megan finally reaching Silicon Valley and Apple Headquarters.

Thank you for everything that you do. Apple products proliferate throughout the world and have great, life-changing impacts, most poignantly for people with disabilities. Without Apple products, I wouldn't have found such a supportive community where I can grow both personally and professionally. More importantly, Megan would likely not have had the richness of life she enjoyed nor been able to pursue the career fitted to her passions. Thanks for heading the company that reminds us that we are all human, and that diversity should be celebrated. Megan was definitely one of those "crazy ones," who changed the world.

In loving memory of Megan "MegaByte" Bening,,
Chelsea Cook



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