Meeting Agenda - 17 May 2014

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Meeting Agenda - 17 May 2014

Post by bdahm on Sat Jun 14, 2014 2:00 pm

Well, it seems that there's always more on the agenda than we can get to in any given week. I guess that's better than the alternative. Last week, due to technical difficulties (I couldn't find where I stowed the video  Embarassed ), we didn't get to see what happens when bitcoin goes mainstream. Well, we'll see that this week and I can tell you, it ain't pretty. If God is willing and the creek don't rise (rain), Mike will demo the SwiftKey keyboard, which promises to increase your typing speed. Our question this week, What is your tech pet peeve? What aspect of tech drives you crazy? Finally Chris will give some iOS tips. 

That's quite an agenda, and hopefully we get to all of it. Come on down and see for yourself.



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