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The iPad Only Challenge - Marques Brownlee Empty The iPad Only Challenge - Marques Brownlee

Post by bdahm on Sat Jun 29, 2019 4:19 pm

Looks like with the introduction of iOS 13 and iPad OS, we're going to have to consider again whether the iPad can take the place of a laptop. MKBHD seems to think it can and is giving it a try.


On my trip to the US this year, I will be leaving my MacBook Air in Chiang Mai and will be relying on my iPad Pro. Last year I still took both. I will, however, be looking at buying a keyboard (my likely choice at this point is the Brydge keyboard, ) in the US to use with the iPad Pro, because I don't particularly like typing on the built-in keypad for any period of time. iPad OS will also allow for a swipe keyboard and that will be interesting.


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